Zhejiang Feida Machinery Co., Ltd. registered Wenzhou Zhixin Machinery Co., Ltd. in March 2019. The company’s main products are automatic three-dimensional carton forming machines (hamburger box machine, three-dimensional carton gluing machine, lunch box lunch box machine, corrugated Adhesive machine, packing box gluer, food packing box machine and other environmentally friendly carton forming equipment) and automatic high-speed paper straw machine.

About Zhixin

Provide a comprehensive solution for environmentally friendly carton forming equipment

About Zhixin

Wenzhou Zhixin Machinery Co., Ltd., the main products of paper lunch box machine, pastry box machine, disposable lunch box machine, lunch box machine, hamburger box machine, paper plastic box machine, packing box machine, three-dimensional carton forming machine, provide a full range of The overall solution of the whole system, to create an intelligent, informatized, and digital management system to create higher value for customers.。

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Become a leader in the food packaging industry
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Wenzhou Zhixin Machinery Co., Ltd
Wenzhou Zhixin Machinery Co., Ltd.'s main product is a fully automatic three-dimensional carton forming machine. It is a fully automatic paper forming equipment manufacturing company integrating mechanical research and development, intelligent manufacturing and marketing. 。
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